Monday, August 10, 2009


It is my last full day in Nosara -- tomorrow I hope on a little airplane to go to Lapa Rios ecolodge. I am excited to have one last little adventure before heading back home. 

I've never felt so certain I would return to a place, but I know I will be back to Nosara when I need to slow down and reconnect. Which might be sooner than I think. I am excited to see my family and friends and be able to communicate easily, but I will definitely miss the pace of life here. I'll miss the ocean, the fruit, and the stillness. It was a very cool summer and I'm grateful I had such a cool experience.

Today I've been packing, reading, and trying to absorb my surroundings. I just went for a swim and the waves were really strong. It was fine diving under them and getting pushed around. I swam until I was really tired and then reluctantly left the warm sea. I hope to live on the beach again. I'll be heading down for a job and the sunset soon, and then coming back to put everything in my suitcase. 

Here are some pictures from today...

I bought a pair of earrings made by a local woman... I think they are really beautiful and its important to me to get a special piece of jewelry each place I go.
One of the men who I work with made this for me. It is a seed that he hollowed out and painted. He is a really kind man and I love this little treasure.
So here are all my belongings! Not too bad for 3 months if you ask me. I used almost everything I brought and each item because really important to me. I loved not having tons of stuff around me and just having nice, useful things.
Well it's spaghetti for dinner tonight so I'm going to go carb up before hitting the beach for my last jog. Yikes!

I won't be able to blog at Lapa Rios but I will post some pictures after the trip. Here's the link if you want to check out where I am:

Well, onward ye!

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